Our trials for next season are fast approaching now and I need to know who is attending, see dates below:

Saturday 27th April 2019

Saturday 4th May 2019

Saturday 11th May 2019

Here are the times (below)that the trials will start and I hope to here form many of you soon.


Under 7’s                   Soccer 7’s                              2                      10.30am            11.00am

Under 8’s                   Rangers                                  3                      09.00am            09.30am

Under 9’s                   Hornets                                  4                      09.00am            09.30am

Under 10’s                 Bantams                                 5                      09.00am            09.30am

Under 11’s                 Colts                                       6                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 12’s                 Juniors                                   7                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 13’s                 Seniors                                   8                      09.30am            10.00am


Under 7’s                   Mini-Trinians                         2                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 8’s                   Mini-Trinians                         3                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 9’s                   Mini-Trinians                         4                      09.30am            10.00am


Under 10’s                 Trinians                                  5                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 11’s                 Trinians                                  6                      09.30am            10.00am

Senior Girls

Under 12’s                 Senior Girls                           7                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 13’s                 Senior Girls                           8                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 14’s                 Senior Girls                           9                     09.30am            10.00am

Trinians Tournament



Formally ‘The Bailey Shield’ This Tournament is supported by Merton Council and the Trophy was named in their honour after they continued to pledge their support for Morden Little League and re-enforced their commitment to ensure that we do not get charged for the use of the pitches we currently play on


Trinians Pitch

09.20 Ballmasters Poppies           v         Raffles Rockets

09.40  Royal Mermaids                 v         LSI Rangers

10.00  Ballmasters Poppies           v         Royal Mermaids

10.20  LSI Rangers                       v         Raffles Rockets

10.40  Raffles Rockets                  v         Royal Mermaids

11.00  Ballmasters Poppies           v         LSI Rangers

3 points for a win, 2 points for a score draw, and one point for a no-score draw.
Qualifying group placings determined by most points, then results
between the team(s) involved, then goal difference and then most goals scored.
Group games will last 7.5 minutes each way.  The final will consist of 10 minutes each way with all matches having a minimal half time


1st place v 2nd place

                                    Trinians Pitch

11.30 am             ……………………….      v             ……………………….

If the final is level after full time then a 5 minute each way period of extra time will be played followed by penalties if necessary


In the event of a game having to be decided on penalties your first concern should not be elation for the player who scores the goal but sympathy for the player who misses … as at least one inevitably will.  Please do not cheer unforced errors by these youngsters who may not be able to cope with such poor behaviour.

Saturday 6th April Fixtures

Managers Match 12:00/30 On Girls Pitch or Adult Pitch
Colts: Smart Cup Final
09:30 GOALS Grizzlies v Aquamark Avengers
Senior Girls: Challenge Cup Final
11:00 Gregory’s Girls v Jeph’s Fillies
Mini Trinians:
Trinians Tournament
09:20 See published schedule
Bantams: Cup Finals
11:00 Ginger Ninjas v Wilkes Warriors
11:00 Ballmasters FC v Fenwick Falcons
Hornets: Cup Finals
09:30 Kennys Knights v Turners Tigers
09:30 Dinos Dynamites v Stans Strikers
Soccer 7s:
Rangers Funday
National Tournament Qualifiers: Seniors Pitch
10:00 Morden 1 vs Raynes Park
10:40 Kingston vs New Addington
11:20 New Addington vs Marden 1
12:00 Raynes Park 2 vs Kingston
12:40 New Addington vs Raynes Park 2
13:20 Morden 1 vs Kingston
NO FIXTUERS: National Tournament Qualifiers
NO FIXTUERS: National Tournament Qualifiers

Ranger’s Fun Day

Festival of Football

Pitch 1

7½  minutes each way

09.00  Copley Clark C’gers v           RY Sparks

09.20  Origin Athletic          v Copley Clark C’gers        

Pitch 2

09.20  MBC Dragons          v                Wood Work Wanderers

09.40  Wood Work W’s     v            RY Sparks

10.00  MBC Dragons         v            Origin Athletic         

10.20 Copley Clark C’gers v       Wood Work Wanderers

10.40 Origin Athletic          v       RY Sparks

11.00  MBC Dragons           v                 RY Sparks

11.20  Origin Athletic         v           Wood Work Wanderers

11.40  MBC Dragons           v           Copley Clark C’gers

Pitch 2

7½  minutes each way

09.00  Funday Falcons v  JR Juniors

Pitch 3

09.00  Belgravia Blues      v        Fletchers Flyers   

09.20  Sutton Beavers      v           Funday Falcons

09.40  JR Juniors              v            Belgravia Blues     

10.00  Sutton Beavers       v              Fletchers Flyers   

10.20 Funday Falcons      v             Belgravia Blues     

10.40 JR Juniors               v        Sutton Beavers     

11.00  JR Juniors               v        Fletchers Flyers   

11.20  Funday Falcons      v       Fletchers Flyers   

11.40  Sutton Beavers       v               Belgravia Blues     

12.00 Football Finishes

All players will receive a memento of the Tournament at the Presentation Table.

Fixtures Saturday 30th March

Seniors: Mays Cup Final
11:00 Watliff Dynamos v  Elm Beetles 
Juniors : Coopers Cup Final
11:00 Rotary Royals v Chandlers
Colts: Championship Play off
09:30 GOALS Grizzlies v Essex Eagles
Senior Girls:  League Play off
09:30 Gregory’s Girls v Jeph’s Fillies

New Bantams and Hornets Fixtures

30th March 2019


9:00 am Pitch 1  – Wilkes Warriors v Ace Elite

9:00 am Pitch 1  – Ginger Ninjas v Ballmasters

10:15am Pitch 1 – TRAQ Tigers v Fenwick Falcons

10:15am Pitch 2 – PACO’s Pirates v Marshalls Blues


11:00 am Pitch 1  – Curtins Crusaders v Morden Rotary

11:00 am Pitch 1  – Robs Rockets v Stans Strikers

11:45am Pitch 1 – Turners Tigers v Cookies Blues

11:45am Pitch 2 – Kennys Knights v Dinos Dynamites

Mini Trinians Festival of Football

Saturday 23rd March

Pitch 1

09.15  Maddies Minions    v           Karen’s Kickers

09.40  Jim’s Jewells          v             Allium Angels

10.05  Maddies Minions    v           Jim’s Jewells

10.30  Karen’s Kickers     v            Allium Angels

10.55  Maddies Minions    v            Allium Angels            

11.20 Jim’s Jewells          v         Karen’s Kickers

11.45 Football Finishes

All players will receive a memento of the Tournament at the Presentation Table.

Please help put the goals and respect barriers away after the matches are finishes.

Soccer 7’s Festival of Football

Saturday 23rd March Festival of Football

Pitch 21

09.15  Glenns Gladiators v        Young Wizards

09.45  Merton FC               v           Willsbucks

10.15  Glenns Gladiators v       Merton FC   

10.45  Young Wizards      v            Willsbucks

11.15  Glenns Gladiators v            Willsbucks

11.45 Young Wizards      v             Merton FC

Pitch 3

09.00  Macemain               v           Boxtag Rangers

09.25  Wilkes Patriots       v                  JDS Devils

09.50  Wait List Warriors v                  Boxtag Rangers

10.15  Macemain              v           Wilkes Patriots

10.40  JDS Devils              v            Wait List Warriors

11.05  Wilkes Patriots       v               Boxtag Rangers

11.40  Macemain               v            JDS Devils

12.15 Football Finishes

All players will receive a memento of the Tournament at the Presentation Table.

National tournament

This season Boys National Tournament will take place on the 6th April and 13th April.

1. Carshalton
2. Morden 2
3. Wimbledon
4. Sutton  
Venue: Carshalton
1. Raynes Park 1
2. Clapham
3. Colliers Wood
4. New Malden  
Venue: Raynes Park
1. Morden 1
2. Raynes Park 2
3. Kingston
4. New Addington  
  Venue: Morden


KO Time Team   Team
10:00 Carshalton v Morden 2
10:40 Wimbledon v Sutton
11:20 Sutton v Carshalton
12:00 Morden 2 v Wimbledon
12:40 Sutton v Morden 2
13:20 Carshalton v Wimbledon
14:00   END  


KO Time Team   Team
10:00 Raynes Park 1 v Colliers Wood
10:40 Clapham v New Malden
11:20 New Malden v Raynes Park 1
12:00 Clapham v Colliers Wood

GROUP 2 (cont)

KO Time Team   Team
12:40 Colliers Wood v New Malden
13:20 Raynes Park 1 v Clapham
14:00   ENDS  


KO Time Team   Team
10:00 Morden 1 v Raynes Park 2
10:40 Kingston v New Addington
11:20 New Addington v Morden 1
12:00 Raynes Park 2 v Kingston
12:40 New Addington v Raynes Park 2
13:20 Morden 1 v Kingston
14:00   ENDS  

Saturday 13th April

Semi Finals/Final                        Venue                WEST SUTTON LL

10:00         Winner Group 2          V               Winner Group 3

10:00         Winner Group  1       V               Winner Group  best R/U

12:00                                   FINAL and 3rd 4th place play off