Update: Travellers at King Georges

We are happy to announce that the vechiles that were blocking some of our football pitches have now left King Georges playing fields.

We would like to extend our thanks to the police and the council for their swift actions, but especially to all those which have supported us either in person or online.

Weather permitting all football will be on tomorrow…happy days


A full list of fixtures will be available in our handbook which will be on-sale from Saturday 15th September. Just £2.00 and all profits go directly to MLL.

Opening Day fixtures

Opening Day fixtures:
Saturday 15th September 2018
09:30 Elm Beetles v Mays Lions
10:30 Remco Royals v Switchgear Flashes
11:30 Footman Flyers v Watliff Dynamos
09:30 President Royals v Chandlers
10:30 Jaydee G’hopper v Hunns Hornets
11:30 MBC Sonics v Rotary Royals
09:30 Essex Eagles v Goals Grizzlies
10:30 AK Athlectico v Amber Amigos
11:30 Sutton Celtics v Aquamark Avengers
Senior Girls
09:30 Jeph’s Fillies v Gregory’s Girls (café LATE)
10:30 Elite Eagles v Rockford Peaches
Mini Trinians
11:10 Jim’s Jewels v Maddies Minions
11:40 Allium Angels v Jim’s Jewels
09:30 Raffles Rockets v LSI Rangers
10:15 Royal Mermaids Ballmasters Poppies
Soccer 7s:
Pitch 1 10:15 Willbucks v Boxtag Rangers
Pitch 2 11:00 Glenns Gladiators v Macemain Whirlwinds
Pitch 3 11:00 Wilkes Patriots v Young Wizards
Pitch 1 11:00 Merton FC v JDs Devils
Pitch 1 09:30 Wood Work Warriors v Sutton Beavers
Pitch 2 09:30 RY Sparks v Belgravia Blues
Pitch 3 09:30 Fletchers Flyers v MBC Dragons
Pitch 2 10:15 Copley Clark Chalengers v JR Juniors
Pitch 3 10:15 Funday Falcons v Origin Athlectic
Pitch 1 11:00 Morden Rotary FC v Turners Tigers
Pitch 2 11:00 Cookie Blues v Kenny’s Knights
Pitch 1 11:45 Stan’s Strikers v Dino’s Dynamos
Pitch 2 11:45 Robs Rockets v Curtin Crusaders
Pitch 1 09:30 ACE Elite FC v Ginger Ninja’s
Pitch 2 09:30 Wilkes Warriors v PACOs Pirates
Pitch 1 10:15 Marshall Blues v Fenwick Falcons
Pitch 2 10:15 Ballmasters vs Traq Tigers