Team Photo this week

Below is the photo schedule. The 6 teams scheduled at 9.15am should arrive extra early to insure pitches are ready for all 9.30am kick off. If the kick offs are delayed this will have a knock on effect on the photo schedule.

Time Slot Team Name
09:15 Goals Grizzlies
The Cardinals
DJB Sparkies
Robs Rockets
Avenue Ambers
Maroon Marvels

09:45 Origin Athletic
JD Devils
Funday Falcons
Boxtag Rangers

10:15 MBC Sonics
Elite Eagles
Rockford Peaches
Watliff Dynamos

10:30 Gregorys Girls
Jephs Filles
Belgravia Blues
Morden Rotary

10:45 Supersonic Blues
MA Galaxy
Glenns Gladiators
Macemain Whirlwinds

11:00 Allium Angels
Maddies Minions
Footman Flyers
MBS Dragons

11:15 Fenwick Falcons
Cookie Blues
Turners Tigers
Traq Tigers
Rotary Royals