Seniors Tables

1Remco Royals10712443015
2Footman Flyers10703501714
3Mays Lions10505344410
4Switchgear Flashes1041529419
5Watliff Dynamos1040634348
6Elm Beetles1020823484

Seniors Spring League

1Watliff Dynamos22001524
2Remco Royals2200744
3Footman Flyers21011382
4Elm Beetles21015112
5Switchgear Flashes2002370
6Mays Lions20021120

Mays Cup

1Footman Flyers3210825
2Remco Royals32011364
3Watliff Dynamos3201984
4Mays Lions31029142
5Elm Beetles31026102
6Switchgear Flashes30125101

Girls Tables

Girls Autumn

1Gregory’s Girls660042212
2Rockford Peaches640216178
3Jeph’s Fillies61147263
4Elite Eagles60157271

Girls Spring

1Gregory’s Girls22001204
2Rockford Peaches1100202
3Elite Eagles1001070
3Jeph’s Fillies2002070

Girls Inter League Competition

1Lynx (WSLL)44002438
2Gregory’s Girls43102067
3Rockford Peaches42111295
4Pumas (WSLL)42029104
5Lions (WSLL)411211183
5Snow Leopards (WSLL)411211153
7Elite Eagles40139241
8Jeph’s Fillies40134151

Junior Tables

1Jaydee Grasshoppers10811431817
2Hunns Hornets10631382415
3Chandlers Dragons10505363410
4Rotary Royals1031634407
5Coopers Colts1030726416
6Presidents Royals1021732525

Juniors Spring League

1Jaydee Grasshoppers2200934
2Coopers Colts2110763
3Hunns Hornets2101652
4Rotary Royals2101552
5Chandlers Dragons2011591
6Presidents Royals2002370

Coopers Cup

1Hunns Hornets32011384
1Jaydee Grasshoppers32011364
1Rotary Royals32011384
4Presidents Royals32017114
5Chandlers Dragons31026112
6Coopers Colts30037150

Colts Tables

1Morden Mavericks540123148
2Goals Grizzlies54011588
3MBC Sonics520318144
4Aquamark Avengers520317174
5Marshall Blues520314264
6Essex Eagles510414222

Colts Spring League

1Essex Eagles1100422
2Goals Grizzlies1100202
3MBC Sonics1010551
3Morden Mavericks1010551
5Aquamark Avengers1001240
6Marshall Blues1001020
1Jaydee Grasshoppers
2Gregory’s Girls
3Remco Royals
4Footman Flyers
5Hunns Hornets
6Watliff Dynamos
7Rockford Peaches
8Rotary Royals
9Chandlers Dragons
10Mays Lions
11Goals Grizzlies
12Switchgear Flashes
13Presidents Royals
14Coopers Colts
15Morden Mavericks
16Elm Beetles
17MBC Sonics
18Aquamark Avengers
19Lynx (WSLL)
20Turners Tigers
21Ballmasters Elite
22Essex Eagles
23Marshall Blues
24SS Superstars
25Jeph’s Fillies
25Robs Rockets
27Sutton Celtics
28Morden Rangers
28Pumas (WSLL)
30Avenue Ambers
31Lions (WSLL)
31Snow Leopards (WSLL)
33TRAQ Tigers
34Elite Eagles
35Fenwick Falcons
35Morden Rotary FC
37M.A. Galaxy
38Maroon Marvels
39The Lightning Bolts
40Cookie Blues
41Supersonic Blues
42PACOs Pirates
43Allium Angels
43Ballmasters Poppies
43Belgravia Blues
43Boxtag Rangers
43DJB Sparkies
43Fletchers Flyers
43Funday Falcons
43Glenns Gladiators
43JDs Devils
43LMP Bluebelles
43Little League Lionesses
43MBC Dragons
43Macemain Whirlwinds
43Maddies Minions
43Maroon Marvals
43Merton FC
43Origin Athlectic
43Raffles Rockets
43Royal Mermaids
43Semi-final 1
43Semi-final 2
43Semi-final 3
43Semi-final 4
43Soccer7’s Fun Day
43Steve Park Rangers
43Sutton Beavers
43The Cardinals
43The Empire Aces
43The Idverdies
43Trinians Tournament
43Wilkes Patriots
43Young Wizards

PLEASE note that Goals Grizzles won the Autumn Champions

Smart Cup A

1MBC Sonics2110953
2Goals Grizzlies2101792
3Morden Mavericks1001350

Smart Cup B

1Aquamark Avengers2200834
2Marshall Blues2011471
3Essex Eagles2011351

Update 10th December – Aquamark Avengers and Essex Eagles Qualify – Essex qualify on goal difference

Semi-Final Draw – 10th March 2018  – MBC vs Essex /   Aquamark vs Goals

Bantams Tables

Bantams Cup Group A

1SS Superstars32101165
2Morden Rangers3201924
3M.A. Galaxy3021782
4Supersonic Blues30124151

Bantams Cup Group B

1Ballmasters Elite33001446
2Sutton Celtics32011074
3The Lightning Bolts30128141
4PACOs Pirates3012291
Teams decided after the outcome of the Group stages

Ballmasters Cup

1Ballmasters Elite0000000
1Morden Rangers0000000
1SS Superstars0000000
1Sutton Celtics0000000
Teams decided after the outcome of the Group stages

Rotary Cup

1M.A. Galaxy0000000
1PACOs Pirates0000000
1Supersonic Blues0000000
1The Lightning Bolts0000000

Hornets Tables

Hornets Cup Group A

1Turners Tigers33002056
2TRAQ Tigers31117143
3Fenwick Falcons310210102
4Cookie Blues30125131

Hornets Cup Group B

1Robs Rockets32011144
2Avenue Ambers3201544
3Morden Rotary FC31021092
4Maroon Marvels31023122

Frank Adey Shield

1Cookie Blues0000000
1Fenwick Falcons0000000
1Maroon Marvals0000000
1Morden Rotary FC0000000

Laramy Cup

1Avenue Ambers0000000
1Robs Rockets0000000
1TRAQ Tigers0000000
1Turners Tigers0000000