Referee Secretary : Dave Bonner
Contact Details: If you wish to take up Refereeing, please give Dave Bonner a call – 07590 516 475

Training Course

The Surrey County F.A. (SCFA) offers a number of referee training courses to suit your individual needs.  By taking the time to complete this questionnaire, we will be in a better position to offer a course/workshop to suit your personal needs.  The minimum age for Referees is 14 years. Download Application form

Respect Programme

On a match day, Managers are expected to work with your players, parents and other spectators to allow the referee to manage the game without being subjected to abuse

The Respect programme aims to allow Referees to officiate matches without being subjected to abuse by players, coaches or spectators – and the referees themselves have a key part to play in the process. Read the FA Respect for Referees Guide

We ask that even if mistakes are made by the officials – the players, managers and spectators have to respect
the decisions of the referee. FA’s Respect guide for Parents

Remember, none of our volunteer officials get paid for giving their time. Think about it next time your match has no referee.

Three rules every player, manager and spectator should know about our referees

  1. They are always right
  2. Even if they are wrong, they are right
  3. In the event of any complaints, please refer to rule ONE

FA Respect programme

Respect is The FA’s programme of activities to combat unacceptable behaviour in our game at every level – on the pitch and from the sidelines.  The programme will be implemented in professional and grassroots football, and encompasses not only respect towards match officials, but also the conduct of overly-competitive coaches and parents on the sidelines at grassroots youth games.

Spectators’ Areas: One of the key elements of Respect in youth football is the creation of designated areas for spectators. The barriers literally draw the line which parents and spectators should not cross This allows the coaches of both teams to stand on the other side of the pitch, meaning players get instructions from just one side of the pitch. The safety of the players, officials and spectators is paramount. This means no-one should be watching from behind the goals.

Parents and Spectators: Parents have a big responsibility as part of the Respect programme. Respect is working to eradicate touchline abuse in football. Parents also have a responsibility for their children’s behaviour. The players will also be asked to sign a Code of Conduct, and parents can encourage their children to adhere to the players’ code.

See if you are giving the right sort of encouragement to the players by taking the FA’s Respect guide test.