President’s Thoughts

I think that Morden Little League is unique

As far as I know, no other local or possibly even national organisation provides free recreational team sports for between six and seven hundred local boys and girls, each week, for almost nine months every autumn, winter and summer – and it has done for every one of the past fifty years. All this is provided regardless of ability – and certainly not elitist as are many other children’s sports organisations. That is quite an achievement by the volunteers who not only give up their time to train those children in their chosen sport, but also raise the funds to cover the ever-increasing costs

The Council – the London Borough of Merton – recognise this local contribution, and have played their part over the past five decades by not charging certain costs, but the bulk of the funding still must be raised by the volunteers

No volunteer at Morden Little League receives one penny for their efforts – no freebies, and no honorariums. We often see Sports Courses run during the long summer school holidays and at half terms, and doubtless these are excellent projects, but usually the organisers make a charge – £5 or more an hour seems to be not unusual. In the context of Morden Little League £5 an hour x 2 hours x 650 children x 25 weeks gives a total of £162,500……. Makes you think, eh?

So, when the Committee ask for your help – perhaps refereeing the odd game, helping with a team, maybe a couple of hours in the Café, or buying a Bonus Ball, or even helping with the goal posts at the start or end of a Saturday morning’s fun, please do try to help. It’s not always about money – ‘help-in-kind’ is equally valuable, and sometimes it’s the small contributions that matter the most. Every little bit counts, and it does boost the morale when a child or parent offers to help, or even says “thank you” at the end of a session…..

The future of the organisation is now threatened more than ever – you will read elsewhere of the new demands on the Committee to find the extra funds to pay likely pitch and facilities costs – so please do help to maintain this marvellous League into the future

And now we look forward to yet another great season of Morden Little League Football – unless we miscount, the Fiftieth since it first kicked-off on 5 October 1968 – a lifetime ago. Enjoy it, and enjoy the great memories that will be created…..

Geoff Watson