As you will be aware Morden Little League is run by unpaid volunteers who give up their free time on a Saturday morning and during the week to organise the league, behind the scenes. For almost 50 years the league has been supported by Merton Council with free use of the pitches, pavilion and utilities at King George’s Playing Field. With the demands of modern life, we all know that the whole of the public sector including the council must make tough decisions.

In order to continue providing potentially life altering services to the community some services have to become more self-dependant. As a result, the council has decided that the management of Merton’s green spaces must be passed to a private company that specialises in this area and who have to make a return on its relationship with the council.The committee has met with Merton Council and they want to work with us to make the transitions as easy as possible. They have offered to cover the cost to the league for now and phase any costs in over the coming years. The exact details are still to be agreed but we are glad to see their continued support for the league.We have also discussed other options and we are excited to propose the building of a new Morden Little League Club House. This will provide a legacy for the league and local community. This is therefore our ultimate goal, which will leave the current pavilion free to be used by others in the community. As you can expect this will require significant funding and we will be making the necessary applications to organise this. The council have offered us access to key personnel within Merton to assist and hopefully ensure funding is received. This should cover 75% of the overall cost but the remainder will be funded by the league. The council may be able to cover a percentage of the cost which hopefully will take us to around 85% of the funds required. The league expects the total costs for this project to be between £300k-£500k, which is no small amount.


This will only be possible with your continued support for the league and helping us work with the council to achieve a legacy we can all be proud of. We are therefore looking for any volunteers that can help with the process, be it in our application for funding, or if there are architects, builders, electricians, plumbers, and solicitors out there who will to give time free or at a special rate. The more help we can get the easier the process will be and a more successful endeavour.


If you work for a company that provides bursary payments or match fundraising schemes that support charities, please let us know as every little will help get us to our target. If your company are willing to sponsor at any level from a team, section, cup competition or the league please let us know.   We will be setting up a JustGiving fundraising page so that donations can be made.   If you can offer any help please contact our specially set up email at   Volunteers have run Little League for 50 years which has seen thousands of children enjoy football whatever their ability. With your help, we hope to provide a legacy to enable the league to continue for a further 50 years and beyond.

Shaun Connolly League Secretary