The Cafe Organiser will remind the Manager of the relevant team of the arrangements, about three weeks in advance of their required shift, and then it will be responsibility of that team to find eight volunteers from wherever, seven to staff the Café for the two hours, and one to sell a Bonus Ball during that time.

Their team will not be playing during this period, and so the volunteers can include the Manager and Assistant themselves, plus we would suggest parents of the children involved in their team – plus big brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, grandparents, neighbours – and if all else fails, partners and other Managers and Assistants. Further reminders will be given to the Manager before the big day, and as soon as the eight volunteers are identified, each will be mailed a leaflet on Food Hygiene and what they will be doing during their few hours donated to the League for their children.

Two of the stronger volunteers are needed to arrive by 8.30am, and another two to stay after 1.00pm, to help set up or dismantle the Café equipment. At least two of the Café Sub Committee will also be on duty throughout each Saturday morning, to help and supervise the volunteers.

Remember No Cafe ; No Football

Therefore, please make a note when it is your child’s team’s turn to do the café and make yourself available

Don’t forget to support the League by buying our warming cups of hot beverages or cooling cans and bottles of drinks. If you feel hungry we have something to satisfy your appetite Hot Dogs, Sausage Rolls,Pasties, Steak & Kidney and Chicken & Mushroom Pies, Bacon Rolls, Sweets, Chocolate, Crisps, etc.

Early Shift – Arrive 8.30am  Finish 11.00am     Late Shift  – Arrive 11.00am Finish 1.30pm

We are always grateful for more volunteers to help and please call the MLL Help Line number on 07590 516475.

When is your Cafe Duty?

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