Parents FAQ


Kit has been issued to each team Manager or Division Co-ordinator and will, or has been issued to many of the boys and girls at the start of the season. The kit remains League property at all times, and should be worn for only League activities, and must be returned to the League.

Seniors, Juniors, Colts and Senior Girls – including goalkeepers – are only allowed to wear the regulation issued kit. The Bantams, Hornets, Rangers, Trinians, Mini Trinians & Soccer 7’s can wear whatever shorts and socks they like.

Shin pads must be worn by all players.

Chewing sweets or gum on a football pitch is dangerous and is banned.
Jewellery – earrings and watches should not be worn. 


We usually continue to play in light rain or showers. If the weather is too bad, the pitches are waterlogged (which could still apply even if there has been no rain for 24 hours), frozen solid then the games may be called off. To find out, check our Facebook group/page or the web site.

Many parents don’t realise how very cold a football field can be. Please make sure your child has warm clothes on, especially if it is breezy or wet. Several layers under the football kit are recommended in winter, plus an anorak to put on after the game. Track suit bottoms and gloves may be worn on the pitch in winter.


You are always welcome to watch the games and someone must stay who is responsible for each child, particularly in the lowest age group. Most kids like to see supporters cheering on the side-lines, even if they don’t admit it. Please note MLL is not a baby-sitting service.


The Little League places emphasis on team spirit and teaching children the right way to play football. We also expect parents to back this up by refraining from criticising our referees, all of whom are volunteers. Please encourage your child when they do well rather than shouting at them when they make mistakes. The most important thing is that children do their best and enjoy themselves.

Helping the League

Morden Little League is run by people like you, parents and guardians of children, who give their time for free. We provide free football for every child, but we do ask that you do your bit by helping with your cafe duty and coming along to our fundraising events. If you would like to help please ask!

Joining the league

If you are interested in joining our league, please complete and return the below application form

application from

Is the game on?

You can find out the latest information on potential postponements by checking the league website or the Facebook Group and Page: Morden Little League

If you are in doubt Text or Call the League Help Line on 07590 516475,

This is updated at 8.30 a.m. Saturday mornings with information as to whether games are called off.

Please do not ring Managers – either on the Thursday or Friday evenings, or early on the Saturday morning because if you have not had a phone call or text, then no decision has been made and the games are still potentially on.

Similarly on the Saturday morning, until Managers and Referees get to the King Georges Playing Field at 7am, they will not know the condition of the pitches, so please think before you dial!

Please help your Manager by letting them know in good time if your child is unable to play, and do lend a hand with goal posts and clearing up – remember we are all volunteers.

Fixtures for the Saturday after postponed games are as the

Fixture Lists unless otherwise advised.