A full list of fixtures will be available in our handbook which will be on-sale from Saturday 15th September. Just £2.00 and all profits go directly to MLL.

Opening Day fixtures

Opening Day fixtures:
Saturday 15th September 2018
09:30 Elm Beetles v Mays Lions
10:30 Remco Royals v Switchgear Flashes
11:30 Footman Flyers v Watliff Dynamos
09:30 President Royals v Chandlers
10:30 Jaydee G’hopper v Hunns Hornets
11:30 MBC Sonics v Rotary Royals
09:30 Essex Eagles v Goals Grizzlies
10:30 AK Athlectico v Amber Amigos
11:30 Sutton Celtics v Aquamark Avengers
Senior Girls
09:30 Jeph’s Fillies v Gregory’s Girls (café LATE)
10:30 Elite Eagles v Rockford Peaches
Mini Trinians
11:10 Jim’s Jewels v Maddies Minions
11:40 Allium Angels v Jim’s Jewels
09:30 Raffles Rockets v LSI Rangers
10:15 Royal Mermaids Ballmasters Poppies
Soccer 7s:
Pitch 1 10:15 Willbucks v Boxtag Rangers
Pitch 2 11:00 Glenns Gladiators v Macemain Whirlwinds
Pitch 3 11:00 Wilkes Patriots v Young Wizards
Pitch 1 11:00 Merton FC v JDs Devils
Pitch 1 09:30 Wood Work Warriors v Sutton Beavers
Pitch 2 09:30 RY Sparks v Belgravia Blues
Pitch 3 09:30 Fletchers Flyers v MBC Dragons
Pitch 2 10:15 Copley Clark Chalengers v JR Juniors
Pitch 3 10:15 Funday Falcons v Origin Athlectic
Pitch 1 11:00 Morden Rotary FC v Turners Tigers
Pitch 2 11:00 Cookie Blues v Kenny’s Knights
Pitch 1 11:45 Stan’s Strikers v Dino’s Dynamos
Pitch 2 11:45 Robs Rockets v Curtin Crusaders
Pitch 1 09:30 ACE Elite FC v Ginger Ninja’s
Pitch 2 09:30 Wilkes Warriors v PACOs Pirates
Pitch 1 10:15 Marshall Blues v Fenwick Falcons
Pitch 2 10:15 Ballmasters vs Traq Tigers