Young Writers Contest

We have some spare pages in the years’ handbook and would like to include an article written by one of the current players or recently retired players (Under 16). So, if you would like to write an article then please send into Andy Butcher (PACO) by email  at

The article must be no longer than 350 words,it can be accompanied by a picture if wanted.

The Deadline is 1st September.

Good Luck.


We need your Help!!


As you all know we are facing a massive increase in costs starting this season. There are also more costs that could be applied to the league from the council to come. I could go into all the figures but it boils down to a cost of up to £40 per child. Remember this figure is to cover the extra costs and not including the original costs to run the league that comes from the café and fundraising. This cost must be covered every season in some shape or form. The plan is to keep fundraising more, for which we need everyone’s support. The good news is that last season we have managed to raise the extra money needed to cover pitch costs this coming season, so it’s another year of free football 😁. We are already raising funds for the following season through team sponsorship both by parents and local businesses. Plus we have the handbook adverts being sold at the moment. With everyone’s continued and hopefully increased support at events we hold, the season after may be free again 🤞
Remember any donation you want to give is good but if provided in a gift aid envelope we get to claim the tax back.