Mini Trinians Festival of Football

Saturday 23rd March

Pitch 1

09.15  Maddies Minions    v           Karen’s Kickers

09.40  Jim’s Jewells          v             Allium Angels

10.05  Maddies Minions    v           Jim’s Jewells

10.30  Karen’s Kickers     v            Allium Angels

10.55  Maddies Minions    v            Allium Angels            

11.20 Jim’s Jewells          v         Karen’s Kickers

11.45 Football Finishes

All players will receive a memento of the Tournament at the Presentation Table.

Please help put the goals and respect barriers away after the matches are finishes.

Soccer 7’s Festival of Football

Saturday 23rd March Festival of Football

Pitch 21

09.15  Glenns Gladiators v        Young Wizards

09.45  Merton FC               v           Willsbucks

10.15  Glenns Gladiators v       Merton FC   

10.45  Young Wizards      v            Willsbucks

11.15  Glenns Gladiators v            Willsbucks

11.45 Young Wizards      v             Merton FC

Pitch 3

09.00  Macemain               v           Boxtag Rangers

09.25  Wilkes Patriots       v                  JDS Devils

09.50  Wait List Warriors v                  Boxtag Rangers

10.15  Macemain              v           Wilkes Patriots

10.40  JDS Devils              v            Wait List Warriors

11.05  Wilkes Patriots       v               Boxtag Rangers

11.40  Macemain               v            JDS Devils

12.15 Football Finishes

All players will receive a memento of the Tournament at the Presentation Table.

National tournament

This season Boys National Tournament will take place on the 6th April and 13th April.

1. Carshalton
2. Morden 2
3. Wimbledon
4. Sutton  
Venue: Carshalton
1. Raynes Park 1
2. Clapham
3. Colliers Wood
4. New Malden  
Venue: Raynes Park
1. Morden 1
2. Raynes Park 2
3. Kingston
4. New Addington  
  Venue: Morden


KO Time Team   Team
10:00 Carshalton v Morden 2
10:40 Wimbledon v Sutton
11:20 Sutton v Carshalton
12:00 Morden 2 v Wimbledon
12:40 Sutton v Morden 2
13:20 Carshalton v Wimbledon
14:00   END  


KO Time Team   Team
10:00 Raynes Park 1 v Colliers Wood
10:40 Clapham v New Malden
11:20 New Malden v Raynes Park 1
12:00 Clapham v Colliers Wood

GROUP 2 (cont)

KO Time Team   Team
12:40 Colliers Wood v New Malden
13:20 Raynes Park 1 v Clapham
14:00   ENDS  


KO Time Team   Team
10:00 Morden 1 v Raynes Park 2
10:40 Kingston v New Addington
11:20 New Addington v Morden 1
12:00 Raynes Park 2 v Kingston
12:40 New Addington v Raynes Park 2
13:20 Morden 1 v Kingston
14:00   ENDS  

Saturday 13th April

Semi Finals/Final                        Venue                WEST SUTTON LL

10:00         Winner Group 2          V               Winner Group 3

10:00         Winner Group  1       V               Winner Group  best R/U

12:00                                   FINAL and 3rd 4th place play off

Quiz Night

Saturday 23rd March 2019

Morden Little League Charity Quiz Night will be held at Goals Soccer Centre, North Cheam on Saturday 23rd March 2019 at 19.00pm.

Teams will consist of 4/5 players of all ages and the cost per team is £25.00

The winning team will receive a Trophy.

Goals Centre have kindly given a FREE pitch to anyone who wants to bring MLL player/s for some extra coaching. We will have one of our Managers/Coaches to run the coaching sessions

Hornets & Bantams Semi Finals

Councillors Cup

Saturday 9th March 2019

9:30am Pitch 1 – Morden Rotary v Dinos Dynamites

9:30am Pitch 2 – Stans Strikers v Cookie Blues

Frank Adey Trophy

11:00am Pitch 1 – Curtins Crusaders v Kennys Knights

11:00am Pitch 2 – Robs Rockets v Turners Tigers

Rotary Cup

Saturday 16th March 2019

9:30am Pitch 1 – Ginger Ninjas v Marshall Blues

9:30am Pitch 2 – Wilkes Warriors v TRAQ Tigers

Ballmasters Cup

11:00am Pitch 1 – Ballmasters FC v PACO’s Pirates

11:00am Pitch 2 – ACE Elite v Fenwick Falcons