Our trials for next season are fast approaching now and I need to know who is attending, see dates below:

Saturday 27th April 2019

Saturday 4th May 2019

Saturday 11th May 2019

Here are the times (below)that the trials will start and I hope to here form many of you soon.


Under 7’s                   Soccer 7’s                              2                      10.30am            11.00am

Under 8’s                   Rangers                                  3                      09.00am            09.30am

Under 9’s                   Hornets                                  4                      09.00am            09.30am

Under 10’s                 Bantams                                 5                      09.00am            09.30am

Under 11’s                 Colts                                       6                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 12’s                 Juniors                                   7                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 13’s                 Seniors                                   8                      09.30am            10.00am


Under 7’s                   Mini-Trinians                         2                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 8’s                   Mini-Trinians                         3                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 9’s                   Mini-Trinians                         4                      09.30am            10.00am


Under 10’s                 Trinians                                  5                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 11’s                 Trinians                                  6                      09.30am            10.00am

Senior Girls

Under 12’s                 Senior Girls                           7                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 13’s                 Senior Girls                           8                      09.30am            10.00am

Under 14’s                 Senior Girls                           9                     09.30am            10.00am

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