Ranger’s Fun Day

Festival of Football

Pitch 1

7½  minutes each way

09.00  Copley Clark C’gers v           RY Sparks

09.20  Origin Athletic          v Copley Clark C’gers        

Pitch 2

09.20  MBC Dragons          v                Wood Work Wanderers

09.40  Wood Work W’s     v            RY Sparks

10.00  MBC Dragons         v            Origin Athletic         

10.20 Copley Clark C’gers v       Wood Work Wanderers

10.40 Origin Athletic          v       RY Sparks

11.00  MBC Dragons           v                 RY Sparks

11.20  Origin Athletic         v           Wood Work Wanderers

11.40  MBC Dragons           v           Copley Clark C’gers

Pitch 2

7½  minutes each way

09.00  Funday Falcons v  JR Juniors

Pitch 3

09.00  Belgravia Blues      v        Fletchers Flyers   

09.20  Sutton Beavers      v           Funday Falcons

09.40  JR Juniors              v            Belgravia Blues     

10.00  Sutton Beavers       v              Fletchers Flyers   

10.20 Funday Falcons      v             Belgravia Blues     

10.40 JR Juniors               v        Sutton Beavers     

11.00  JR Juniors               v        Fletchers Flyers   

11.20  Funday Falcons      v       Fletchers Flyers   

11.40  Sutton Beavers       v               Belgravia Blues     

12.00 Football Finishes

All players will receive a memento of the Tournament at the Presentation Table.

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