Soccer 7’s Festival of Football

Saturday 23rd March Festival of Football

Pitch 21

09.15  Glenns Gladiators v        Young Wizards

09.45  Merton FC               v           Willsbucks

10.15  Glenns Gladiators v       Merton FC   

10.45  Young Wizards      v            Willsbucks

11.15  Glenns Gladiators v            Willsbucks

11.45 Young Wizards      v             Merton FC

Pitch 3

09.00  Macemain               v           Boxtag Rangers

09.25  Wilkes Patriots       v                  JDS Devils

09.50  Wait List Warriors v                  Boxtag Rangers

10.15  Macemain              v           Wilkes Patriots

10.40  JDS Devils              v            Wait List Warriors

11.05  Wilkes Patriots       v               Boxtag Rangers

11.40  Macemain               v            JDS Devils

12.15 Football Finishes

All players will receive a memento of the Tournament at the Presentation Table.

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