50th Anniversary Letter Received

“I am writing with regard the forthcoming celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Little League in the U.K.

My husband, Denis O’Carroll, was one of the founders of the League, alongside Ron Sexton and, I imagine, others. The photograph of Watlif Dynamos featured on your invitation to this Saturday’s parade shows Ron and Denis with the Watlif team.  Denis was just 21 years old at the time.  I believe two of his much younger brothers were actually in the team.

Sadly, Denis suffered a serious brain haemorrhage at the age of 50, which left him with significant brain damage.  Nowadays he lives in a nursing home in Banstead.    Amongst other problems, he has very limited short term memory and confused long term memory.  He does, however, appear to have a good recollection of that time with Little League.  When I told him about the anniversary it brought a great smile to his face, he couldn’t believe it is 50 years.    This association was a happy one for him and he was, I know, proud of their achievements.  He was proud and committed to the principles of Little League.  It is wonderful to think how many youngsters have enjoyed the benefits over so many years.

I would so like to have brought Denis along on Saturday to watch the parade.  I have deliberated over it for many days but it would mean a very, very early start for us and, given the rather cold, grey weather forecast,  I have to accept it’s just not practical.  Hence, I thought I would write to you asking whether it might be possible for you to forward us some photographs of the event, of which I am sure there will be many.  Any video of the occasion would, of course, be a huge bonus.  I will keep an eye on the MLL web site and show Denis any write-ups.  It will give him a lot of pleasure to hear all about it.

I hope you won’t mind me contacting you in this way.  I wish you a very successful celebration on Saturday and offer our best wishes for the next 50 years!


Gillian O’Carroll

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